First Freebies! Free Social Media Icons

4:29 PM Sitoresmi Muti Bethari 0 Comments

It's time for FREEBIES! yaaaay!
This is my FIRST TIME EVER in posting a freebies, this is a package of social media icons in your sidebar or even your post footer note, hehe. I did make this because I want you (yes, YOU, especially a muslimah blogger) can enhance your blog skill by placing some embellishments on your sidebar or contact page. Be more than just posting regular text or photo, I know you can do more! :)

Oh, since this is my very first time, so I made ten icons which only available in one color. Hopefully, I can provide more colors next time, I have to practice more, and I will, insyaAllah. 

You can download the file here

I hope you love this one, happy downloading!



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