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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

Salaam everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't post anything yet since July, but here it is! A little update for you and liven up my little bloglette (although that most of you ONLY read the post and had not left any comment at all. I'm sad, by the way :( )

Soooo, how's life been treating me? AWESOME. This September, I'm entering my third month in this workplace where I swinging here and there to meet less cool - very cool people in fashion industry. Lets say, on my first month, almost every weekend I had to go to Jakarta to cover some fashion events for Shafira's social media and blog, and also to be present and also, to cover, some photoshoots for new collection that would be released on September (oh, by the way, I'm working at Shafira Corporation - a muslim fashion industry that has been growth-and still-in its 25 years of existence). On the second month, life had been soften to me on the first two weeks and then gotten scarier after (even now, hahaha).

There were many things happened, made my day bright and gloom, had gotten me happy and angry, made me dizzy like a busy bee but still... I do love this job. 

My college roommate IS WORKING HERE TOO! Allah is really great, right?

Well, I don't have much time to blabbering, especially now, when work still in this tense and there is a massive project that I hold. But but but, I promise you that I will update this blog soon, very soon. 

Ah, please do follow the twitter & instagram's account of Shafira Encyclo >> @EncycloID
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Wait for more posts about what I ACTUALLY do in the fashion industry. I really want to share this very challenging life phase to you and I would love to hear any heartwarming comments from you. Bye, take care. If you want to leave some comments, please do :)


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