How To Remove Image Border (English Version)

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If you notice, I've changed my blog template (again) few minutes ago, and what do you think? yay? or nay?
Anyway, I'm so glad that I've moved to this template, because this one is a responsive template which will has no change when you see it either at PC or mobile. Yes, the template will look aaaaaaall the same ♥.

But I also have few things which I do not really like, for example, a border in every image I posted :(. Gladly I found my old note (which I used to write IT tips and tutorial back then in high school), and I  found a way how to remove that image border! yay ♥. 

First, go to your blogger Dashboard. Select "Template", then "Customize".

Then, click on "Advanced", and scroll down until you find "Add CSS". After that, copy this code below and paste it to the box.

After that, click on "Apply to Blog" box in the top right corner of the screen and VOILA! all borders are gone.

Hope this one is helpful, although it is kind of a very simple one, hehehe.
Good luck for you,



  1. Makasih banyak yaaa tipsnyaa ;D akhirnya bisa menyingkirkan frame shadow yang sangat mengganggu pemandangan hehehehe


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