How To Create Post Gallery

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You may add an Archive column on your blog sidebar, and I added the one which provided by Blogspot. But I want something which is different than a regular Blog Archive format, so I decided to make one which adapt a gallery style and here I provide steps to make one.

Step 1: Go to page layout editor
Go to your Blogger dashboard and select "Layout". Then click "Add a Gadget"

Step 2: Add HTML gadget
After you a pop up box shows, find a "HTML/Java Script" and click on it.

Step 3: Paste the code to the HTML box
An empty space of "HTML/Java Script" box will appears, then paste this code inside the box below.

That code will create a gallery with four images in it, with two image per line (just like my first picture above).  If you want to add an additional row to your gallery, copy and paste this code (inside the box):

It must be place before this tag:

Additional explanation:
♥ Once you have created your table you need to go through the code and replace the bits I have shown in red with the information for your favourite posts. Each block of text above denotes one post link.

♥ WEBSITE URL - This is the URL of the post you want to take your reader to.

♥ IMAGE DESCRIPTION - Write a brief description of the post (e.g, "live in faith")

♥ IMAGE URL - Copy the URL of the image. Brings up the image you want to display.

♥ TEXT - This is the title of your post, below the picture.

Step 4: Save and place 
Click on "Save", then place it everywhere you want on your sidebar.

Last thing is, make sure you preview it and ensure to not to make any silly mistakes like mixed up your post URL and your image URL. If it looks neat and perfect, hit the "Save Arrangement" button and admire your new post gallery.

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