How To Create GIF Animation For Blog

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Salaam ♥ 

Here's a great day while the sky is really in its light blue and all clouds looks like bunch of cotton candies. And well, here's also another tutorial for Blogger Babe page and it's about How To Create GIF Animation For Your Blog. I had made a gif animation for my past upcoming post which entitled "Coming Soon". I am using this one when I have an idea to make a new page but haven't prepare anything to post.

Feel want to make one? here's how:

Step 1: Prepare Your Pictures

I used Adobe Photoshop CS 5 to create those pictures (or mostly called by frames). Please save all the pictures in the different file name, so you'll have several pictures which will be compiled as one file of GIF. Mine are look like this.

Step 2: Compile All The Pictures.

For this step, as always, I used PhotoScape to helps me creating a GIF file.

Then drop all files you want to include.

Next, click "Save". And you can upload the file directly from your PC. You can post it for "Coming Soon" post, or creating a banner for your sidebar, or anything. The limit is your creativity, hehe.

Stay creative,



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