Brunch At Nanny's in A Pink

10:04 PM Sitoresmi Muti Bethari 0 Comments

I had brunch today with my dearest Suvi in Nanny's Pavillon Garden. You can see who's Suvi here, and read my short blabber about today's brunch here.

For today's brunch, I wore all top to toe in a tone of pink (yes, I dooooo love Pink!). I'm not a particular fan of a brand, and all I remember that I got my top from Zoya and that's all, hehe. I'm not a make up junkie nor a fan of it, and currently having a laziness to put some efforts to my face look, so today I didn't wear any (didn't even put a moisturizer, blessed me). I was quite kucel though :/

O Allah, forgive me for ignoring my face healthiness.



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