Girls Day Out For Brunch

9:06 PM Sitoresmi Muti Bethari 0 Comments

So happy to see Bandung, again! hehehe. After the joyous engagement of my beloved aunty, I was planning to see my lecturer (and my internship mentor also) but turned out this afternoon was rainy and gloomy, so I couldn't go to Cicendo to meet my dearest lecturer, Mr. Dindin Dimyati. Anyhow, I was able to had brunch with my lovely girl Suvi in Nanny's Pavillon Garden in Riau, Bandung. Such a great day out I've spent with her (we were trapped by rain and couldn't go home soon, though).

For the first time ever, I've ordered a Portobello Chicken Salad. Turned out..... I'm not really into it.

But Suvi ordered Fish and Chip. Gah, I should've ordered it too.

Salam kenyang dari perut yang mual portobello salad,


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