Shafira Encyclo Store Opening #2: Excited!

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Salaam everyone!

Work is keeping me busy these days, all I've got to say is alhamdulillah that He has given me the opportunity to learn as many as I could from this amazing experience.

Beberapa waktu lalu, I said that I was part of this team in organizing store opening for muslim fashion brand called Shafira Encyclo dan sungguh, it was hectic! Super hectic till I was able to go home after 9 pm. At last, it was super fun as well ;) And now, I'm telling you that Encyclo has its second store opening this morning! What a busy week, isn't it? Untuk store opening kali ini saya terlambat datang dan nggak sempat untuk mengabadikan momen-momen di awal pagi, karena rangkaian acaranya dimulai dari jam 5:30 pagi di area Car Free Day Buah Batu Bandung. Dimulai dengan senam oleh Encyclo Crew juga branding melalui portable photo booth dan pembagian balon plus voucher belanja yang bisa dipakai selama satu hari di acara store opening Encyclo Buah Batu :)

Moment captured by a friend of mine, sadly I wasn't there to see the crowds and excitement :(
Pastinya acara lebih seru lagi waktu kita (crew) udah ngumpul semua di area store Encyclo Buah Batu, Jl.Buah Batu no.165B - Kota Bandung. Sebenernya di situ udah ada store brand Shafira, nah Encyclo ini storenya ada di lantai dua, so kalau kamu mampir ke store Shafira Buah Batu jangan lupa naik ke lantai dua yaaa :3 (p.s: blog ini bukan blog berbayar).

Instead of telling you in details about what happen today in Shafira Encyclo Store Opening at Buah Batu, mendingan kamu lihat langsung di bawah ini yaaa momen-momen yang berhasil diabadikan sama rekan saya. Enjoy the picsgraaaaam

The crowd! Ugh. I could barely breath.
Some lovely customers whose took photos with our photo props <3 td="">

This is how we open the store (it's symbolic, of course),with flying baloons in fuschia.

A glimpse of its collection for Nautical Blitz. I personally love the biker jacket. I got mine in turquoise!

Some of our friends from Hijabers Community Bandung. Thanks for coming, lovelies. Xoxo

I was taking testimonial videos for my event's report :)
Again, the first hijabi DJ in the world!

This is how we rock this event, by tiny little chocolates, cupcakes and cute cake! Yumm :9
This lovely team I call family. Huzzah!
So that's all, perhaps, for today's event and I'm so excited for the upcoming projects and I'm literally involved like, for real! Just wait for another post and I'll tell you what's inside this brand new Encyclo. Let's start a good thing and spread the happiness, shall we? ;)


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