"I've drifted away from a lot of people"

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Found this on Tumblr, and want to know what actually you think about it

Well, I had passed that feeling. Seriously. What differs me with a person who wrote that is he didn't intentionally do it but I did. I intentionally stayed away from certain friends because I wanted to save myself from getting hurt. I was in a phase where I feel abandoned, for no reason. Pathetic, isn't it? Because of that, I really lose my dearests. Boo hoo me.

After that, I've learned one important thing. We might be controlled with mind, and once it hits the ego, it will leads us to do things which might be bad, or good (mostly bad for me). So that was a phase where I realized that I did a mistake which came from my thoughts, not the reality. I do realize now, that a patient would be nice should be great. 

That thing which happened to me, was something occurred from a little misunderstanding between me and friends. I was afraid to get hurt, and funny thing, no one was hurting me. I was just not prepared to see that they were not as great as my expectation. I was just haven't learned that no one would as perfect as an angel. I hope you wouldn't have this experience. I don't want to see you get hurt by your own thoughts.

Sometimes, we are get hurt when we do not get our expectations of something. Don't be tired to defense things you love. There's no point to get tired of trying for something good. Just remember that you are loved. Remember that Allah is by your side, as always.



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