Hello, goodbye

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It's been more than half a year, many things had happened. Life turned up and down, people come and people go, as well as anger, disappointment, sadness, happiness, smiles, tears, love, betrayal, and sorrow. All had passed and well, hello you :)

First of all, I would like to thank all the visitors who keep visiting this blog even I seemed like a dead man (because I didn't write anything since August last year!). Thank you, so much, for keeping this page alive and pushing me to write (finally!) again. Well, even I made no post for around seven months, I regularly checked my blogger account and seeing the visit numbers were growing like crazy -which made me realize that some people are regularly check my blog- let me think back and forth, should I post something? or not? And BOOM, now here I am, ready to rock liven up this blog and start to keep in touch with you.

Aaaaaand... I'd like to inform you that SOLARIA has its halal certificate from MUI few months ago, soooo we can eat and drink like crazy there if we want to. Alhamdulillah. I also had lunch there, at Solaria, last Saturday, hehehe. I was happy because I really really really missed their Fuyunghai, hoaaa.

Yet, I feel so grateful that Allaah had given me soooo many trials to enhance my ability to survive. Dunia ini keras, bung. Really. Last month, alhamdulillah, I passed my thesis defense and ready to be prepared to face what others call as the real life which is consisted of job seeking, working, marriage, family, and finally... death.

Anyway, many things happened, and the biggest trial He ever gave me was started on January. My imaan had really been tested, causing me to lose my faith in some people. I do really have some trust issues here; when I started to trust people, they use my secret against me, to torture me. 

Some people may think that I'm a quiet person, because I don't like to argue and tend to agree with anything they say, but maybe they forget that I actually have feeling, and I actually have a brain. Some people are too obvious to show what they think of me: I'm quiet, helpless, defenseless, but overall, Thari is stupid. Too stupid. Too dumb to realize that her defenseless is being used. Well fellas, I don't. Maybe I'm stupid to let you tortured me with all mistakes you've made and used them against me, but I didn't have to use all my brain-cell phantoms to know that you forced me to wear your shoes and be in your boat. 

What did I do, then? You have known. What Allaah had given to us, His decision, was what I wished for. We don't have to clarify anything to others, who may not know about all these things. I did my part, and He did His part, perfectly. I know that He'd never leave me, because I, really, don't have anyone there to save me, except Him. He saved you too. 

Dan barangsiapa yang bergantung hanya kepadaNya, tiada bantuan lebih kuat daripada bantuanNya. 

Just so you know, I never hate you, and I never will. I believe that you have your own condition which made you did that, and I believe that you're working on that. Someday, you'll realize something that you haven't realize these days. And, farewell...


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