Wherever You Go, There You Were

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What does it means?

People have their own past. Obviously, any horrible past have been thrown away to a space where other people can not see, and I call it a baggage (anyone who ever watched How I Met Your Mother might be just having a click on what I'm actually talking about).

Why the baggage?

Because, that baggage, will be carried over everywhere we go. Yes, our stories, experiences, either they were bad or good, will be carried all life long. That's why, wherever you go, there you were. You will be affected by your past, but don't let the past stain your heart. You might be a bad guy back then, but don't let yourself to be bad once more. You are you now. Although you will carry that baggage forever, doesn't mean that you will be haunted by its memories and let it ruins you present life. Happiness is an inside job, and only you alone can work on.

There's nothing wrong in wanting another life, perhaps, because it is a part of your progress in searching for some refreshments. But, please, don't let your past forms you to have a bad life. Memories are memories, hurts are hurts, but don't let them give bad effect to your true happiness. Aren't you happy for your life now? Look at your sister, brother, parents, friends, or even your cats or your dogs. Aren't you happy with your life with them? now?

Learn to love yourself & everything you were. People have their own brilliance & flaws. You just have to accept them for what they are, as so you accept yourself for what you were. Try to work the challenge in loving yourself and finding a way to use all that you think are your flaws to your advantage, and learn to generate your true happiness. Nobody's life is perfect, unless you make yours.

Lots of loves,


  1. Salam Tharii <3
    I love this post soooo mucchh! and I love your taste in designing something..simply catchy. You have a lovable design in your hands <3

    1. Irnaaaaa x), aaaaw thank you, thank you, thank you alhamdulillah, but I still have to learn more from you x)


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