How To Make Blogger Header in Photoshop

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When you've been using a particular header for some times (sometime? some time? some times? correct me, hehe) and feel kind of bored and having a thought to change it with something new, first thing first, you have to know the actual size of your blogger header.

Step 1: Know Your Header Size
Go to Template, then Customize

Check Adjust Widths, and look to your header size. Mine is 1210 px

Step 2: Make Header Design
Open your Photoshop, in this tutorial I'm using Photoshop CS 5. Go to File, then New, or you can press CTRL+N for shortcut to open a new clipboard and you'll see a pop up like this.

Rename it as Header (just like mine above), and change the Width number to the number of your header size (e.g., mine is 1210 px). For the height, you can make it as you wish. Try to find your desired size.

Next, placing your design in header template. I've prepared an image to be an example here, this image:
and what I do, is dragging that image to the header template. Ah yes, since I made that template in a transparent background, so it will be like this:

Step 3: Saving Your Header

After that, save your header image by pressing CTRL+S and save it as PNG file. Why PNG? it will let your header look clearly and neat.

And that's all! you can upload your image as you blogger header then. 

Happy designing,

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