Day 2 - Di Kala Tarawih (In The Moment of Tarawih Prayer: Qiyam Ramadhan)

2:42 PM Sitoresmi Muti Bethari 2 Comments

Assalamu'alaykum everyoooooone!
I just sooooo excited that my-so-called-amateur artwork was published again by @hijabographic (other people's works which have been sent were also been posted though, but I do excited! so so so much excited!). 

Today's theme is In The Moment of Tarawih Prayer (Salaah), or you might know as Qiyam Ramadhan which usually will be done after an Isya salaah, and this work was made by the inspiration of Ramadhan Book which I always had when I was a kid. 

FYI, many Indonesian kids (and I think, most of them) are having an obligation to fill their Ramadhan Books which contain to-do lists in the month of Ramadhan, and one of the book's section is a form of bilal of Qiyam salaah's signature which will proves that the kids are having their Qiyam salaah in the mosque, hehehe. Such an Indonesian culture x).

It is in Bahasa, sorry if some of you do not understand it :(. But hey, thank you for stopping by :). Ah, and alhamdulillah, this work has also been published in her Twitter and Tumblr. Still so excited to make more!

Love in the deep,



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