Reason Why I Started This Blog

10:02 AM Sitoresmi Muti Bethari 2 Comments

Assalamu'alaykum dear friends.

There's a reason behind my blog walking from Dream(s) Catcher into this Pearls Darling. One day, I scrolled down in one of my favorite website, the Islamographic, and found out the gallery of Social Networking in Islam. One of its picture instantly moved me in doing a blog walking.

Yes. I did change my blog because I am really realizing that my previous blog was none of a good deed but a bunch of complaining statements and do not bring benefit for me and my readers in Dunya or Akhirat. Astaghfirullah...

Started in 2013, Pearls Darling is trying to spread an Islamic spirit through every way which is possible. So, come in and join me by clicking a Share Button which available in the corner of the bottom right in my posts.

Share it and earn reward insyaAllah,


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