Click. All The Candles Are Blown Up

10:06 PM Sitoresmi Muti Bethari 0 Comments


She automatically looks to the wall clock, hanging in the very soft pink colored wall.


She's now switching her PC on, ready to hit the new high score for MadCaps to avoid her in hearing your voice which is recalling her name.
Shit mind. She curses.

She's just doing fine this whole straight day without even a slightly thought about you, but damn this powerless! It forces her to light up few candles and causing them to emit a very romantic light!

Damn it!

Who else which will comes and hits her memory?
Who else which will recalls every intimate gestures caused by a scent of rose and candle light?
Who else if it's not you?

Okay, MadCaps will not divert her thought.
Still, she focuses to you.

Damn you!

and all those candles are blown up.



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